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To help students make informed choices and critique work


This tool asks students to assess and choose from a list of items such as best magazine covers, songs, performances etc. By asking them to order them they are using critical thinking skills to describe, evaluate and analyse and to identity their own preferences


Choose a selection of artefacts to be assessed (such as a list of songs, magazine covers, album artwork, articles etc.) or ask the students to compile the list. You will need a minimum of 24.

Set criteria questions to assess the artefacts by – such as commercial potential, technical ability etc. You want to use critical thinking questions such as those in the READ Backwards TLA to help set the criteria questions.

Divide up the artefacts into 8 equal groups (put a minimum of 3 into each group). Allocate each one to a small group of students.

Each group then chooses a winner of their selection and explains why. They may need to use a voting system to choose the winner.

Then each group’s winner goes into the next round. Join the 8 groups of students into 4 groups. Repeat this process until you have just 2 artefacts remaining – these go head to head to get one overall winner.


This is run on World Cup Football competition lines.


Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with large groups, but you will need a large list of artefacts to start with.

Online Teaching:


Students can make judgements and explain their choices.

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