Category: Module Mastery

5 Whys

To establish the root cause of a statement


To help prioritise and notice key elements of a learning journey


To help students be aware of the learning outcomes for a topic

Music For Revision

To create a group playlist to aid revision concentration, relaxation and energisation

Nerve Buster

To generate a list of techniques to deal with anxiety before an assessment/presentation/performance

Revision Timetable

To be aware of time constraints during the assessment period & to have a clear plan


To ask questions for giving feedback or generating ideas

Study Buddy

To be supported throughout the module by a classmate

Take Five

To engage with and act upon self-directed feedback

Top Trumps

To identify the vocational skills required for module mastery

Tweet Me

To help students see the value in the topic they are learning


To help students be aware of the values of the module to their learning/vocation