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Intended Learning Outcome:

To help students see the value in the topic they are learning


Students write tweets to publicise a topic they are studying in the module. It is also a vocational tool to help students see the value of promoting their product on social media. You may want to do this for Instagram and other platforms depending on the nature of your module.


After studying a topic ask students to write a social media post extolling the benefits of the learning. You may wish to ask them to take a photo/short video clip to accompany it.

Students share their pitches with the group.

Discuss the potential value and reach of using social media and also the potential pitfalls.


You could use this each week as a revision of learning – especially useful if you teach a subject where promotion on social media is an important element of the vocation linked to it. It could form part of a media campaign over a few weeks.

Posts don’t have to be posted, they can be written just as an exercise.


Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with all group sizes. For larger groups, you may need to run a few groups at once to offer the chance for all posts to be heard.

Online Teaching:


Students see the value in the subjects they are studying and are more engaged with learning.

Next Steps:

You could also create video Insta-stories and #hashtags

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