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Intended Learning Outcome:

To identify the vocational skills required for module mastery


This is a way to gamify the identification of the vocational skills required for careers associated with the module. For example, all the different jobs involved in a making an album. This also helps to be aware of all the roles involved in a process. Students can then compare the skills to their own and acknowledge the skills they need to develop for successful study/employability.


Discuss a process and identify all the roles involved.

Put students into small groups and allocate one role to each group.

Each group writes a brief profile of the role and attributes the key skills required for that role, giving the skill a value (1 is low, 5 is high).

The large group can then play Top Trumps – seeking which role has the highest level for a skill. There will need to be a discussion on the exact levels awarded. The winner is the group with the most skilled role.

Finish the activity by asking students to identify skills they need/have and ask them to relate that to their current studies or their employability. Discuss how to acquire and develop those skills.


Padlet is an excellent way to collate these as all students can see all entries in realtime and can add photos. Or students can write their skills directly into the top trumps spreadsheet which they email to you. You can collate all the roles into one spreadsheet the whole group can see.

You could also have the group decide on the top 5 key-skills before they go into small groups to assign them to a role.

This will lead to less variation later in the activity.


Large Group Teaching:

This can work well with large groups but you may need to have more than one group define a role. Then those groups merge to agree on a final version. Or you could divide the group into a few cohorts and each cohort plays the game as described above – this may need a facilitator for each cohort.

Online Teaching:

This can work extremely well online using Padlet.


Students are engaged by the gamification and can see how to relate these vocations to themselves.

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