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Intended Learning Outcome:

To help groups bond & to identify essential items for your profession


This is a game to help new groups bond. It also helps students to think about the profession linked to the module and the essential items you need to do the job. The job is the vocation that your module is linked to.


Put students into small groups of around 4.

Scenario: You are at an event and suddenly find you have to work. What 4 essential items do you wish you had with you to do the job?

As a group, students have to choose the 4 items (per group, not student) they wish they had.

Groups write down their choices and explain/defend their decision to the class.


You can change the number of items depending on the job and how much time you have to run the activity.


You are in a studio and have to take over recording and making a rough mix of a song. The 4 things chosen could be: my own headphones, a reference recording, a laptop with my preferred software and my favourite vocal mic.

Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with all group sizes. For larger groups, you may want to have fewer items.

Online Teaching:


Students learn about the values of their other team members, use negotiating skills and think about the reality of the profession linked to the module.

Next Steps:

There may be certain key items identified in this activity that link into the knowledge learning for the session – e.g. the types of software used in recording studios, and this activity can be referred back to.

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