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Intended Learning Outcome:

To be aware of the connection between attainment and effort


Displaying visual reminders of the connection between effort/attendance/practice and attainment. You can make them pertinent by using statistics from your course leader (e.g. figures on the connection between attendance and attainment for your course).


Display information about the module and how effort positively affects attainment and enjoyment.


Gather data about links to attainment for your module/course/discipline. This could be a quote/audio/video from past students; statistics from the college or your own anecdotal evidence (e.g. students who attended at least X tutorials with me last year were more likely to achieve a pass in the assignment).


You could display your data in a passive way on a slide at the start of the session whilst you take the register or on the VLE or you may wish to email/message it to students. You may just want to display a motivational quote (see

Large Group Teaching:

This may be particularly useful for large groups as this doesn’t need a personal intervention.

Online Teaching:


Students are nudged into thinking about the effort they are putting into their studies and become more aware of their behaviour.

Next Steps:

You could use these nudges to start a discussion about time management/attendance etc.

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A page of motivational quotes and top tips for students from @musostudy’s Instagram account:

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