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Intended Learning Outcome:

To be name and own a study intention


People are more likely to complete something they intend to do if they commit to it in public. This tool helps students to name and own an intention related to their studies.


Discuss some tasks which students want/need to complete – these could be related to an assignment or part of their personal development.

Ask students to consider what theirs is, how and when it needs to be completed and why they want to do it. This could be run as a group activity or working in pairs.

Once students have chosen their goals, go around the group and ask each student to make a public declaration of what they will do, how, by when and why.

Make a list of these declarations so you can revisit them at an agreed date later in the term/year.


It is important that you check-in with the intention and that the group does have an opportunity at the end of the period to discuss the outcome.


In Performance, this could be a technical aspect of their instrumental development that they wish to achieve during the year.

Large Group Teaching:

In a large group, you could run this like an action learning set with small groups making and checking the intentions.

Online Teaching:


Students identify a goal and work towards it by the agreed deadline.

Next Steps:

Time management issues could be discussed to help students structure their study time. You could buddy-up students to help keep track of their goals.

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