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Intended Learning Outcome:

To compile a list of required skills for the module


This is a map that sets out the module learning outcomes, key learning, assessment and the learner’s place in the module.module map The most important aspect of this is The Key – a list of study skills and engagement skills students need for Module Mastery which each individual student can personalise to make it specific to their learning journey. It is a useful list to refer back to. Include this in your formative assessment for the module.

Once students are settled into the group and they are feeling connected to the sessions (read about The Group in The Musostudy Handbook’s Engagement section) it is time to draw the module map. As well as giving students an overview of what they will learn and what the assessment is about, you can look at the key skills the students need to develop to achieve module mastery.


1. Show students the module learning outcomes.

2. Draw 3 interconnecting circles. In the circles list the module learning and the modes of assessment. Discuss these.

3. Ask students which skills they will need to achieve module mastery. These skills go in the 3rd circle – The Key. Discuss these skills, assess the level students feel they have & what they need to do to improve them.

4. You can then tell students how you will help them achieve those skills and set out a plan for when they will be tackled. (This is another way of making the module relevant to students as you are giving them transferable skills).

5. Keep this map on the VLE and refer back to it periodically so students can see how they are doing.


This is a good activity to start a session with, early on in the module.


In Music Business some of skills students need to bring will be academic reading and writing. Discuss these and then give out a short piece to read that is relevant to the session outcomes. (Make this article something that wouldn’t pass the CRAAP test (see CRAAP TLA) but brings up interesting points about music business). Briefly discuss the CRAAP test and get students to apply it, looking for holes in the article. This way students see the Module Map in action – addressing learning, assessment and key skills in one activity.

Large Group Teaching:

This can be a whole-group activity. The Learner section could be constructed individually and then a whole class list could be completed to help students see that they are not the only ones needing to acquire the skills.


Online Teaching:

With TLAs you are planning, check if there is any tech/other resources/support that students need to be able to study successfully online. Refer to Learning and Teaching Online (Chapter 4) in this handbook. The student handout Tips for Online Learning (p.163) may also be useful.


Students are aware of the skills they need to bring to the module and have a plan of how to achieve those.

Next Steps:

List how students can access learning for the key skills they need.

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Worksheet with space to write the map and identify learning skills required: 

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