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To help students develop an effective feedback vocabulary


When students are asked to give peer feedback they can often find it hard because they don’t fully understand either the process or the elements of the learning they are observing. This tool creates a bank of phrase particular to the module to help students consider their feedback.


Describe the learning which will happen in the module. For example, in Live Performance Workshop, it will be performance skills, technical skills etc. Unpack each of these areas and break it down into subcategories.

Now ask small groups of students to create phrases that will address each of these in medal and mission ways. For example ‘You looked very confident on stage especially during the final chorus’.

Gather all these phrases together in a document on the VLE and encourage students to refer to these before a peer feedback session.



Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with large groups.

Online Teaching:


Students are aware of the applications of learning and can re-conceptualise ideas by thinking around a subject.

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