Top Tips for Students

Top tips for study success. Click on the links to download pdf handouts to help you with your studies

Study Skills

Study Skills Mind Map

To identify the skills you have/need for successful study

Critical Thinking

READ Backwards

To use questions to describe, analyse, evaluate and reflect on a text.


Taxonomy of Thinking

To develop levels of critical thinking skills


WE-CO for Creativity

To use 4 key ideas for creative thinking

Academic Reading


To identify the credibility of literature sources


Hermeneutic Circle

To read texts critically


Reading Assessment

To establish academic reading needs


Seven Pillars Of Information Literacy

To identify how to find, critique and use academic information


Academic Writing

Cornell Note Taking

To take notes that can be referred to and used in and out of class


Essay Structure

To plan a structure for a written assignment


Linking words

To improve vocabulary for academic writing



To structure written work well



To structure written work well


Quotation Sandwich

To use citations to build an argument in academic writing


Sentence Starters for Critical Writing

To improve criticality in academic writing


Steps in Academic Writing

To identify the stages in a plan for a writing assignment


Top tips to improve writing


Writing Your Research Report


Writing Assessment

To identify strengths and real for development in academic writing

Time Management

Eat an Elephant

To identify study worries and plan interventions


Eisenhower Matrix

To prioritise tasks into urgent and non-urgent


Revision timetable

To be aware of time constraints during the assessment period and to have a clear plan


Traffic Lights

To identify priorities, both important & urgent

Self Awareness/Learning to Learn


To be aware of one’s own personal development


Module Map

To compile a list of required skills for the module


Tracking Device

To be aware of progress of learning


Study Progress

To track and analyse progress of learning


Study Quiz

To identify students’ approach to learning

Studying Home Alone?

Here are some tips to help you stay focused, get organised and be productive. Click on the title to go to the handout:

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