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Intended Learning Outcome:

To engage with and act upon self-directed feedback


A list of questions to use for self-directed, student feedback. These could be used every week as part of reflective journaling or to set next steps for working towards a specific goal.


Students reflect on their learning so far and answer the five feedback questions:

1. What have I done so far?

2. What do I still need to do?

3. What do I need to achieve this?

4. How will I do this?

5. What do I understand about my learning journey from this process?


This could be done every week – especially around assessment time. Students answer the questions for themselves.

They could then share them with a peer or in a group session. You could ask all students to email their answers to you so you can review their learning. It is best if students write down their answers so they can follow-up on them in another session.


In instrumental-technique classes, a discussion is had about the importance of self-directed feedback as a performer and students identify the goal they are working towards in their technical development. They write this goal in a safe place (notebook, phone or VLE). Each following session students work alone or in small groups to check the five questions and plan what to do next.

Large Group Teaching:

With large groups, you can either run this as a solo activity and then put students into groups to discuss/adjust their decisions or you could have small-group discussions which contribute to a whole-group activity checking what support students need, what revelations they have had and what they are struggling with.

Online Teaching:


Students are more clearly focused on their development and take responsibility for their practice.

Next Steps:

You may want to link this to artist development activities (talking about common struggles), the Unconscious Competence TLA or Time Management TLAs.

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