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Intended Learning Outcome:

To be supported throughout the module by a friend/family member


Nominating one or two supporters to receive regular notifications about a student’s course increases the likelihood of successful study. The UK’s Behavioural Insights Team piloted this with FE students in 2017 and saw a 27% increase in their Maths and English GCSE grades. It could be about assessments or what is being studied. The supporter is encouraged to ask the student questions about their course and is more likely to be able to offer support.


Students nominate a friend or relative (asking for their consent first) to be their study supporter.

In class the tutor sends messages to students to pass on to their supporters, informing them of what is happening in the course and suggesting things that may be useful to support the student. For example, asking how they are finding preparing for the assessment completion date, helping them learn information for an assessment etc.


Tutors message students the information in class and ask them to forward it to their supporter. It is important to do this in class so you know that it has happened. This may seem like extra work however you can agree the message with students so they are having their learning journey and goals reinforced. It is also better to know that students are supported and give over a few minutes of class so you have more motivated students than overloading unsupported students.


This can be particularly useful around assessment time when students can feel overwhelmed and unsure of whom to turn to for support.

Suggested message for Study Supporters Invite:

When students nominate friends/family to become more involved in their studies they are more likely to be successful.

A study supporter receives regular messages from the student’s tutor about the module so they are more aware of what the student is experiencing.

I would like you to be my supporter so we can have conversations about my studies and you can check-in on how I am doing.

My tutor’s name is XXX and they are my tutor for XXX at BIMM. I would like you to receive messages from them (via me) about the module during this year so that you know what I am studying and support me to successfully complete the module. Please can you confirm that this is OK with you by replying to this email? Thanks!

Large Group Teaching:

This is particularly useful for large groups where you may not be able to have as much one-to-one contact as you would like.

Online Teaching:


Students feel supported and nudged to study. They have an effective network of people who have an insight into their studies.

Next Steps:

You can also use the Revision Reminders TLA where you agree with students on the best mode of communication to send them nudges.

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