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Intended Learning Outcome:

To be supported throughout the module by a classmate


Nominating a classmate to share in your learning journey can help to keep you on track and stay motivated. This tool nominates a classmate to share this with to help you stay focused on deadlines etc.


Students nominate a friend in class. They set a list of goals they wish to achieve for their studies. (You may want to use a TLA in the Time Management component).

Once every few weeks you ask students to pair-up in class with their Study Buddys for a knowledge learning activity and then spend a few minutes chatting about where they are at with studying and identifying anything they have concerns about. Students review their list of goals as a structure for their discussion.


You may want to end the session with a group discussion to check on any problems that you may need to help them with.


Large Group Teaching:

This will work with large group teaching. You may want to make small groups rather than pairs so there is more likelihood of having a Study Buddy being present in class.

Online Teaching:

This could be essential to online modules. Pairs or small groups of students can be formed to support each other and work together on asynchronous tasks.


Students feel supported and helped to stay focused to study. They are starting to build an effective network of people who have an insight into their studies.

Next Steps:

You can also set up Revision Reminders TLA where you agree with students on the best mode of communication to send them nudges.

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