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To ask questions for giving feedback or generating ideas


A questioning exercise for generating ideas or giving feedback. This could be used to question a subject or to find out what students wish to learn about or what students are worried about. It could be used to generate questions that will be asked of a performance or event to provide a framework for feedback.

This can also be used in Knowledge Mastery.


Create a star with the 6 key question words (5W1H – Who, What, Why, Where, When, How). For each one generate questions about the topic. Don’t answer them yet, just create questions.

Write all the questions up on the board.

There are many ways to now use these questions:

i. You could break students into 6 groups to discuss the questions.

ii. You could prioritise the questions into the ones most relevant to answer the session’s ILO.

iii. You could choose one question to focus the session on (students could choose).

iv. The questions could form part of the SOW and with students, you could plan how that will look.




In Songwriting ask students what questions they have about the module. Some questions can be answered in the session, some can be signposted to other sessions and form part of the scheme of learning for that session. This helps students to see the relevance of the module to them and helps them have some ownership of the module content.

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