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Intended Learning Outcome:

To be nudged about upcoming assignments


Setting up reminders via a closed social media group to nudge and remind the group about assignment studies.


1. Discuss the merits of reminders and the best mode of receiving them.

2. As a group, choose a preferred method for receiving them and how frequently they should be sent by the tutor.

3. Set up a group list (for students who agree to share their contact details).

4. Send reminders – either just a quick note to say “Are you doing OK with the studying this week?” or something more structured and specific or a motivational quote (see for inspiration).


Discuss with students the best medium for receiving messages and set up a group list. Agree how often students will receive the reminders and agree the type of content – nagging, reminding, motivational, informative etc. It is a good idea to discuss what students would like the reminders to be like and talk about what they could do if they feel they aren’t working for them.


A closed, social media group is set up and every week the tutor posts a message suggesting the stage of writing students should ideally be at for their assignment and also offering support/tips on writing.

Large Group Teaching:

This is particularly useful for large groups where you may not be able to have as much one-to-one contact as you would like.

Online Teaching:


Students feel supported and nudged to study.

Next Steps:

Students could be put into small groups and encouraged to nudge each other. You could set up the reminders on the VLE.

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An Instagram page of motivational quotes and top tips for students.: 

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