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To help students focus on their learning from a session


Students write around 75-100 words (about 3 sentences) of feedback on what they have learnt. By asking students to write about learning you are encouraging writing. By asking them to condense what they have written it helps them to identify and focus on the most important aspects of their learning.


Ask students to write around 75-100 words (about 3 sentences) of feedback on their learning. They then reduce this to 2 sentences and then finally one short one.

In between each section of writing, they show a peer and discuss their answers.

You could ask them for one keyword that sums up what they have learnt. You could also reverse the process (esp. useful in a module with a written assessment) asking them to write one sentence then expand on it.



Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with large groups.

Online Teaching:


Students can describe key learning for the module.

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This is adapted from 3x Summarization by Lisa Endersby


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