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To quickly appraise student responses to learning


This is a simple tool to quickly assess levels of student comprehension to a subject or students’ feelings towards learning.


1. After a learning activity, ask students a multiple choice question with up to 4 possible answers to check their understanding.

2. Students put up 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers to represent their answer. The tutor can quickly see how many correct answers there are and know whether to carry on or double back and recover the knowledge learning.


This isn’t detailed feedback so it is important to discuss results with students. However, it is a useful and quick tool.


You can use this where fact-based learning has taken place. E.g. In Music Theory, is the minor 7th of Db is B, C or Cb?

This can also be used to gauge students reaction to learning. E.g. Raise 1 finger for “I need more help/time on this subject”, 2 for “this is OK” or 3 for “I think I’ve got it – challenge me with more”.

Large Group Teaching:

This can be a whole-group activity – useful where you don’t have time for detailed feedback for all students.

Online Teaching:

With small groups, this will work visually, with larger groups they can write their answer in the chat.


Students are used to assessing their learning this way and giving accurate feedback.

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