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Intended Learning Outcome:

To determine values in employability and how that relates to motivation to study


Students are asked ‘How much money do you want to earn?’. This is a simple question to help students consider their future career beyond musical aspirations. It can also be related to discussions around roles in the music business and the worth attached to them.


Discuss the careers related to the module.

Ask ‘How much money does each role earn?’

Share a list of average pay for general jobs (such as and compare this to music business jobs.

Now ask ‘How much money do you want to earn?’

Put students into small groups and they can discuss how their financial aspirations affect their career choice.

Finally, ask students to look at their motivation to study and how this links with both their career and financial aspirations.


This simple question can be worked into many activities, helping students to consider their career in relation to the vocational aspects of the module.


Large Group Teaching:

This can work well with large groups.

Online Teaching:


Students are motivated by the awareness of their need to look at employability.

Next Steps:

You may want to link this to the college’s employability events.

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