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Intended Learning Outcome:

To improve vocabulary for academic writing


This is an exercise to use when students need to write assignments and are struggling with vocabulary. There is an accompanying list of words to handout but you could get the class to write their own, maybe creating a list on specific topics related to the module.


Set a short writing exercise relevant to the knowledge learning. You could set something relevant to the module assessment.

Give out the handout and ask students to review their writing and look for ways to improve it using the Linking Words.


How much time you spend on this will depend on how much practice students need to develop their writing skills.


Large Group Teaching:

This is a solo activity however you could get students to review each others work in small groups.

Online Teaching:

You can share the pdf of this list with students in the chat function and on the VLE.


Students’ confidence in their writing skills is improved.

Next Steps:

Other lists could be created such as the Glossary of Jargon TLA.

For students who are struggling with writing, you could ask for extra support for them or follow up with tutorials.


Links to other activities:

The Glossary of Jargon TLA:

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List of linking words handout: 


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