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Intended Learning Outcome:

To translate the meaning of words common in the assessment


Use this TLA for unpacking the jargon used around assessments. You can develop a central glossary on the module VLE for students to refer to outside of class. You can add to it each week when a tricky term arises.


In the session look at the assessment criteria for the module and ask students to highlight terms that they are unsure of or unsure of how to address in the assignment.

In small groups, students could try and work out explanations and formulate ideas on how to address them (for example what does ‘to critically evaluate’ mean and what would it look like in the assignment?).

Start a central list, asking students to contribute explanations to it. You could do this via email, directly onto the VLE, via an interactive app or onto the board.

Prioritise which terms need discussing and which skills need practising.



There are many ways to run this activity depending on your time frame and how close to the assessment you are.


Large Group Teaching:

With large groups, you can either run this as a solo activity and then put students into groups to discuss/adjust their decisions or you could have small-group discussions which contribute to a whole-group activity of generating one list.

Online Teaching:


Students will feel confident that they know what is expected of them in the assessment.

Next Steps:

You can add to this list each week. You may also want to start a glossary of key terms for the module (see the Glossary of Jargon TLA).

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