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To plan study projects effectively


Gantt Charts are visual tools to create a project plan. They help visualise and plan multiple tasks and deadlines. They are useful when working on projects (as a group or individual) or revision for the assessment period where there are many different tasks and deadlines.



As you approach the assessment period or if you have a large project happening in your module you can introduce the idea of a Gantt Chart to plan, prioritise and organise tasks.

Choose a group project related to the module that you can work on over a few weeks (this could be linked to an assessment or be a Problem-Based Learning task for example). Demonstrate a Gantt chart by downloading a template (see below) to work on as a group.

Discuss the project and ask students to come up with tasks, suggested deadlines for each task and a list of how to prioritise and allocate the tasks.

Fill in the Gantt chart in class and assign tasks. You can host it on the module VLE.

Each session check back on progress, reassign tasks/deadlines and discuss the overall progress. You may wish to do this as an Action Learning Set.


Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with all group sizes. You may want to facilitate the initial planning discussions in smaller groups.

Online Teaching:


Students will plan their studies effectively and meet deadlines.

Next Steps:

As well as demonstrating Gantt charts for a team project you can encourage students to use this for their own projects and revision timetabling.

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