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Intended Learning Outcome:

To be aware of the usefulness of the module


An elevator pitch is a speech used to create interest in a subject. It lasts for less than a minute and aims to be memorable, brief and to the point. It should also highlight what is unique or different about the subject. This tool is useful both in getting students to use marketing tools for promotion but also to help them to see the relevance of the module to themselves.


Use this in the first weeks of a module to help students get to grips with what the module is about in relation to the music business.

Talk through the module learning outcomes and ask for examples of what students think the learning will look like.

Ask students to prepare a 5-minute talk describing the module to a music-business colleague. The talk should be brief, succinct, memorable (maybe humorous) and include what is unique about the module.

Students share their pitches with the group.

Now ask students to repeat the process about the subject this module relates to – for example:

• In Event Management ask them to create a fictional event management company that they run

• In Artist Development the pitch they would use for themselves as a performer



Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with all group sizes. For larger groups, you may need to run a few groups at once to offer the chance for all posts to be heard.

Online Teaching:


Students see the value in the module and are more engaged with it.

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