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Intended Learning Outcome:

To encourage confidence in critical-thinking skills


To help students gain confidence in critical thinking the teacher states a view and encourages students to challenge it. This forms a kind of debate with the teacher playing Devil’s advocate to the students’ arguments.



Choose a subject relevant to your module learning. This could be a contentious issue where there is no clear, correct answer.

The teacher makes a statement and asks students to form a critical argument against it.

The teacher encourages the discussion with additional questions, challenging and leading the students deeper into analysis and evaluation of the subject.


You may wish to use the READ Backwards TLA first to set up what is expected in Critical Thinking.


After looking at sales figures in the recording industry you may wish students to discuss a topic such as “why vinyl is dead”.

Large Group Teaching:

You could write your argument down and have small groups discussing it. Each group could have a different subject to critique.

Online Teaching:


Students are confident in thinking around a subject and forming a critique of it.

Next Steps:

You may wish to look at more complex/nuanced debates as students become more confident.

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