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To help students clarify their thoughts on a piece of learning


Students write a definition for a new piece of learning (for example, in Music Publishing, a definition of Sync Licenses, or the definition of copyright). This activity will help students to clarify their thoughts on a piece of learning and identify what they have understood. This is useful in helping students to feedback to themselves and also gives the tutor a good gauge of the success of the group learning. You could also use this TLA to then write a summary involving the definition (for example how to negotiate a sync licence) – this is especially useful in a module with a written assessment.


Ask students to write a definition to describe the learning they have just experienced, without collaborating.

Put all the definitions together (they can be anonymous to the rest of the group) and compare them. Could one definition be arrived at?

Finally, ask students to consider how well they did and what they still need to do to understand the concept.


You could have students negotiate a definition in a small group or as a solo activity. Then larger groups could discuss and refine to produce one definition.

You could use this before a piece of learning to establish current levels of understanding and then ask students to rewrite it afterwards.


Large Group Teaching:

This will work well with large groups.

Online Teaching:


Students can describe key learning for the module and are aware of what they still need to learn.

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