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Intended Learning Outcome:

To assess written work for academic quality


BIMM has produced a guide to study skills. The Academic Conventions chapter is particularly useful for assessing written work to check for the quality of writing, accuracy of citations, expressing opinions and using evidence. It also covers academic misconduct in written work.


Explain one of the Academic Conventions to students and show them some examples.

Set students a writing task in class, based on the session’s topic or as part of a written assessment students need to work towards.

Ask the students to work in pairs to assess each other’s writing based on the convention.

Finish with a plenary on what they have learned from the task.



Large Group Teaching:

This can work well with all class sizes.

Online Teaching:


Students will write academically with reference to relevant conventions.

Next Steps:

Each time you do a written task in class you can refer students to this chapter, maybe highlighting a different aspect each time.

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